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In this workbook, you'll learn everything you need to know in order to become a successful pinterest manager and you'll get a bonus strategy call with me for any remaining questions!

What You'll learn

What keywords are & how to do keyword research


Why you need to optimize Pinterest profiles & how to optimize Pinterest profiles (from top to bottom)


How to use your keywords and how to optimize individual pins


What Tailwind is as well as how & why you should use it for scheduling


How to create your first pins & what software you should use to create graphics


How to maintain Pinterest accounts monthly (including an example monthly schedule + detailed breakdown of process)


What idea pins are and why you should use them


How to stay up to date on the latest Pinterest trends and changes


How to read analytics + create analytics reports for clients


Tips for creating your packages and finding new clients for your business


Pinterest Management resources that you can use to set yourself up for success

 BONUS??? Yes please! You'll also receive a complimentary follow up strategy call with yours truly to answer any remaining questions you have once you finish the workbook!


“Just wanted to let you know that I got your workbook & I use it ALL the time! Like literally lol, thank you so much!”


-Kierra Soleil

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And it can change yours too. I went from grinding in the service industry & in full time office jobs to make just $1600 - $2000 a month to setting my own rate & making upwards of $10k every month as a Pinterest Manager. 

& everything that I know, or wish I knew when I first started my journey is included in this workbook. 


No more searching for tutorials for hours, trying desperately to find reliable information on google, or wishing that someone--anyone--would post a GD comprehensive tutorial video on youtube. 


Because its. all. here! Finally--everything you need to know about pinterest management in one place. So take advantage of it!


“Grace is so responsive and so knowledgeable with Pinterest! I have learned a ton just from the workbook.”


-Chloe Gandal

Are you ready??

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Workbook + Complimentary Strategy call